Making fun stuff is serious business.
Hi, I’m Megan, an illustrator and (concept)designer based in the Netherlands. On a mission to make people smile with fresh, fun and playful designs


I have had the pleasure of working on countless collections. Resulting in my designs being sold at a wide range of retailers in the Netherlands and Europe.
I love the challenge of turning ideas into concepts and products to create something commercial that perfectly suits the brand I am working for. While incorporating my own unique flair.


And let’s be honest, there is nothing quite like the kick you get when you see someone getting excited about something you made.


I have also worked on multiple social media campaigns for some amazing brands. And seeing how their followers engage with my work. Is the cherry on top of some of my favorite projects.


Specializing in (but always ready for a new challenge):
pattern and surface | product design | concept design | stationery | paper goods | toy design | home goods |(editorial) illustrations | content media | gif animations | digital stickers


Clients include:
HEMA | Avec | GIPHY | Mollie Makes | Blossom Books | V&D | Sanoma | High5 | Boomerang | House Of Products | Something Social LA | Villa Vrolijk | FLORA


If you have any questions, or exciting project we could team up on,
my mailbox is always open:
[email protected]


Want to see more of my work? Follow me on  instagram @meganmcnulty.jpg


Bachelor of Design, Illustration (BDes)
Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2011 – 2015


Graphic design
Media College Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2007 – 2011