illustration, patterns
About This Project

After a client asked me to make a 60s psychedelic art inspired piece, I soon realized how much I enjoyed working in this style. And that this style actually goes really well with a lot of the work I was already making.

Playful shapes, colourful imagery, and positive aura these are all elements I love to use in my work.

For the first design, I thought it would be fun to add a slightly off, but true sentiment to the design, seeing as it is hyper happy and upbeat design. I am just keeping things real.

With the second design, I wanted to incorporate the fact that it would have a bit of a modern twist, seeing it’s being created in the current day and not the 60s. But also as a result of being made on a computer. I wanted to use a text that also had this quality to it — and quickly decided on these lyrics by Borns, as it felt like a perfect match.

and what would a series of 60/70 inspired images be without a nice floral print?